Sue Verity ArtistSue has had a passion for art from a young age, as a child she decorated her own bedroom with murals. Sue had only painted as a hobby but in 2002 decided to go to college to study Fine Art, this inspired her to give up her job to a pursue a career in art. She started her own business painting murals but also developed her iconic portrait ideas on canvas using her own contemporary style taking inspiration from Warhol and Hockney. Her first portrait was of Johnny Depp and an off chance visit to the local gallery resulted in her first exhibition in her home town of Tamworth, Staffordshire, and has since exhibited in galleries across the Midlands and London. Sue has always had a passion for working with charities and finding new ways to raise money. A chance to meet rock legend Robert Plant was one such opportunity, getting him to sign her portrait of him. The portrait was auctioned, the winning bid coming from Canada raising £2500 for the Acorns Hospice. This set Sue on a new path raising many thousands of pounds for charity through celebrity signed portraits, with some very memorable moments along the way!

Sue lives with her partner Ian and son Ryan. They have both been very supportive and pushed her on to bigger and better things. She also has a Labradoodle dog called Chutney. Chuts sits with Sue as she works, she's a bit barmey but she really is an artist's best friend.

Sue has many influences including Hopper, Hockney and Liechtenstien but of course Andy Warhol has been her major influence. Other less obvious influences include Constable, Turner and Gainsbourgh. Sue enjoys landscape painting which she hopes to develop in the near future. She also loves retro ideas and experimenting with abstact and textures.

Sue's favourite paintings are her new Marilyn which was sold at The Sanctum event. She also loves the Johnny Depp portrait as it was signed by the man himself! She would love to tell Mr Depp of the importance of her pirates portrait, it started her whole career as an artist. She would love to give the picture to him personally and tell him why its so important.

Maybe some day, fingers crossed.

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